2018年4月21日 星期六

We feel tired today

Today I and my family went to lots of places, so my family all felt tired, and now I want to tell everybody about what did we do.

In the morning, we went to a museum to get something for my sister, because my sister is the first place of science, and now we need to get a thing that certify my sister's first place.

My sister needed to take a picture, when we were waiting for everybody, we felt very angry, because we need to wait for a long time.

When we were waiting, we waited 3 hour and 30 minutes, and we can't go inside the room that my sister needed to get the reward.

When I was waiting, I played a little bit, because my father's new account needs to buy Cyclops, my father uses Cyclops very well if he plays with me.

When we need to go home, we went to some places to see what my sister did, after that we need to go home, later we need to listen to my father.

When it is in the afternoon, we go home and we bought lunch, so we need to go to a bookstore, and my father needs to speak to everybody.

My father is talking about VOC, and my father told us about the Netherlands, my father told us Japan VS the Netherlands, this is fun to listen.

We went home again, and then we need to go restaurant to eat Mother's day dinner, and I ate lots of fruit and drank lots of water.

After that we went to a store, I bought another Squirtle, so now I had two Squirtles, then we went home, and started to write blog.

I think today I felt tired and a little bit happy, because today I and my family went to three places and we had some fun.

2018年4月20日 星期五

Ready Player One / Part 2

Today I want to tell everybody about Ready Player One, yesterday I told you about that they found two keys, they need to find the third key.

If you get three keys, you can get the Easter egg, so you can control this game, the bad guy wanted to get three keys, so they wanted to make good guy get the third key.

And now I will tell you how can you get the key from this game, you need to go to a place to play a game, if you win, you will go into a hole, so you will be dead.

What you need to do is when you are playing, you need to say 'I just hope I can do it, but I don't really care this' when you win, you can get the key.

Lots of people didn't say anything, so they went into a hole, and they died, this makes lots of people think you don't need to play the game, this is not real.

The bad guy saw the main character got the key, so they went there and then they fought, bad guy had a special thing, but if you read something, that will be broken.

The girl saw a paper, she read that, so that special thing broken, and all the people that playing this game, go to defeat bad guy.

The bad guy becomes a Godzilla, the good guy wanted to defeat the thing, after that they tried everything, and the bad guy's thing was broken, they felt happy.

They got three keys, so the main character got the egg, then he could control the game, when you are playing, Tuesday and Thursday you can't play this game.

I think this movie is good to watch, because I think the main characters are very smart and they got three keys, they defeated the bad guy.

2018年4月19日 星期四

Ready Player One

Today I want to tell everybody about yesterday I watched movie called Ready Player One in movie theater, I think this movie is good to watch.

When I finished my class, we went to movie theater, and we watched this movie, this movie is about a man playing his game and he saw a girl, he loves the girl.

When they are playing the game, what you need to do is you need to use three keys to open a thing, and you can get an egg, but you need to get keys first.

When they want to get the first key, they need to use their cars to race, the boy's friend use big jeep, so lots of cars are broken, because the Jeep broke them.

If you go to the end of the race, you can get the first key from the person, and the boy bought something, he bought a cube that you can go back to one minute before.

If you are in trouble, you can use this cube to go to one minute ago, and go away, this is why I love this cube when they are in trouble.

After that they need to do the second test, the second key is in the ghost house, but inside the ghost house, there are lots of scary things.

The first part is a person go into a room, and inside the room, there is a ghost, so the person went away from that scary room.

Then they found a place, the girl said 'can I dance with you?', and then the other girl changed to a person that you can get the key from, tomorrow I will tell you more.

I think today I am happy, because today I tell everybody about what yesterday I watched, maybe you can watch this movie in movie theater.

2018年4月18日 星期三

I felt super happy

Today when it is morning, I was sleeping, and then I waked up, my Mom took me to my school, and today there is Math exam in the school.

Yesterday I got 100 at Mandarin exam, I was thinking about how can I get high score this time, and I was very excited, because if I got a bad score, I will feel sad.

After that our teacher gave us Math exam, when I am writing, I want my family to be happy, so I try very hard to write carefully.

When I finished the exam, I checked lots of times, I corrected all the answer, when the time is up, we need to gave our exam to the teacher.

When I give my exam to teacher, I felt very excited, when it is break time, I went away class, because I want to jump rope.

After that it is class time, I sat on my chair, the person that sitting next to me said "you are 100, teacher used your exam to check".

When I heard that, I think the person that sitting next to me is lying to me, so I don't think so, because I think I will get something wrong in the exam.

When my teacher give us our exam, I don't want to see my score, so I turned to next page, when I turned back, I saw my score.

And my score is 100, so the people sitting next to me is not lying, there are four people got 100 this time, but teachers said "our result is not good".

I think today I am happy because today I got 100 in the Math exam, and at the night we saw a movie in movie theater, tomorrow I will tell you about that.

2018年4月17日 星期二

I felt happy today

Today I want to tell everybody about I got 100 in my Mandarin exam, and yesterday I hope I can get high score, so today I did it.

When I saw my exam is 100 , I felt very happy, when I go home, I told my Mom, my Mom said I am good, so I felt more happy.

After that I told my Dad, my Dad said I am good, so I felt very happy, and tomorrow is the Math exam, I want to get high score, too.

If I get wrong, I will feel very sad, maybe I will cry, so I need to have a high score in the Math exam tomorrow, I hope I can do it.

If I get high score tomorrow, my Mom and Dad will say I am good at Math, so I can feel very happy, and maybe I can get more happy than today.

Today I feel happy, and today I got 100, so if tomorrow I want to be happy, I need to try my best to get 90 or more, maybe I can get 100 .

Today in my school, only I get 100 , so I am the first place in this exam, I want to get first place in Math exam, so I will try it.

Maybe today I can practice about this a little bit, so tomorrow I will not be very tired, and I can write it well, so I will not get wrong.

If I can get 100, I want to do it, but I think that is not easy, because today only I am 100 , that means this is very hard to get high score.

I think today I am very happy, because today I get 100 in my Mandarin exam, I want to get 100 in my Math exam, I really want to get high score.

2018年4月16日 星期一

A big exam in our school tomorrow

Today I want to tell everyone about tomorrow there is an exam in my school, I was very excited, I want to get high score, and Wednesday there is a math exam.

If I can get 100 in my exam, I will feel very happy, and my family will feel happy, too, but if I didn't get 100, I will feel sad.

When I am in my home, I tried to read some books and practice about math, and when I am in my school, I try to practice my Mandarin.

I know sometimes when I am answering the questions, I know answer, but I choose another answer, so this time I can't do it.

I practice about lots of things, but sometimes I will forget, so I need to practice more, if I do something silly, I will think I am not smart.

I  will try my best and do it well, because I want to have good score for this exam, I think everyone wants to get good score, so you need to read lots of books.

If you don't want to read the book, you can still be smart, but you need to listen to your teacher, and when your teacher is speaking, you can't talk.

If you talk when your teacher is talking, maybe your teacher will not talk anymore, so you can't learn about what your teacher said.

I want to have a good score for this exam, I really want to get 100, if I try very hard, I can get it, but now I feel excited, I want to get high score in this exam.

I think today I am excited, because tomorrow there is an exam, and I think maybe I can't get high score, so I need to practice about this.

2018年4月15日 星期日

My sister goes to math competition

Today my sister went to a math competition in university, because my sister passed the first competition in a junior high school.

When she is in junior high school to do competition, there are only five people in that classroom, she got a high score in that competition.

If you get high score in the first competition, you can go to this competition, this is the second competition, I felt excited.

If you get high score in this competition, you can get some money, so I hope my sister can get money, there are only two people is grade five.

When we are going to where she does competition, I saw a paper, and on the paper there is something, later I will tell you.

It writes tomorrow is Arena of Valor day in that university, but tomorrow I can't go there because tomorrow is Monday, I need to go to my school.

If I can go there, I can play with them, but tomorrow is Monday, this makes me very sad, I hope tomorrow can stay in home.

When my sister is doing competition, she only know 2 questions, and there are 16 questions, so she doesn't know 14 questions.

I hope she can correctly guess lots of questions, because last time my sister correctly guessed lots of questions, and she had a good score.

I think today is excited, because today my sister went to the competition, and I hope she can have a good score in this competition.